Pain affects more people than cancer, diabetes and cardiac diseases combined. Effective pain management  is a growing and unmet need in health care worldwide. A pain-killing product with the analgesic power of  morphine but without its unwanted side effects will revolutionize the treatment of severe and chronic pain.  ChironWells develops a new class of opioid drugs represented by peripherally acting opioid analgesics and  centrally acting opioid analgesics with a favorable profile as compared to conventional opioid analgesics on  the market. Extensive preclinical testing demonstrated strong analgesic potency in acute and chronic pain,  with markedly reduced propensity for CNS mediated adverse effects. Drug candidates are water soluble and  inexpensive to manufacture.  The peripherally acting opioid analgesic HS731 is ChironWells’s most advanced product designed for the  treatment of moderate-to-severe acute and chronic pain. It is applicable in parenteral and oral form.  Centrally acting opioid analgesics include derivatives of the lead compound HS198 as parenteral products  to provide pain relief.   Legal Disclaimer ChironWells develops novel calcineurin inhibitors from the class of opioid morphinans. Drug candidates  show potent immunosuppressive effects in vitro and anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effects in vivo and  potent inhibition of calcineurin, the target of currently marketed immunosuppressive drugs pimecrolimus,  tacrolimus and cyclosporin A. The lead compound HS378 and its derivatives are novel calcineurin inhibitors developed as  immunosuppressive drugs for topical and systemic treatment of immunological diseases including atopic  dermatitis, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.  Inflammatory bowel disorders  ChironWells develops peripherally acting µ opioid agonists for the treatment of IBD including Morbus Crohn  and ulcerative colitis. They are water soluble and are applicable in parenteral and oral form.   Bowel motility disorders  ChironWells develops peripherally acting µ opioid antagonists for the treatment of bowel motility disorders  including post-operative ileus and opioid-induced bowel dysfunction. The opioid antagonists are water  soluble and are applicable in parenteral and oral form.